A Cheery Welcome

Its funny I’m trying to start another blog when I was so inconsistent with the other. But I have a clear goal for this blog. This blog is all about the things I read, watch, listen and love writing about. Creative Musings (now extinct) was my diary of sorts and is something which I hope will be much more private than this is going to be.

That being said, A little on how The Pedestrian” Critic has come into existence . I’ve recently undertaken a most interesting challenge and it just didn’t seem to go with the previous blog. So, as an outlet, this blog has been created. I am not assuring you that its going to be overtly su
perb , with film jargon used (because I don’t know much anyway); rather I would love to touch upon the emotions conveyed in the film/book and how it strikes a chord within me. 

So, I hope you’re ready to enter the wonderful world of the Victorian Era with occasional journeys back and forth to this post-modern era. 


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