The Victorian Challenge..

Mid 19th Century lit. to dig into!

In case no one has ever ventured to Creative Musings and has read about the highly ambitious Victorian Challenge, here’s a brief about it right here.

It’s part of the challenge as posted by  Laura’s Reviews. So, here is the challenge in piece,

The Victorian era encompasses everything from 1837 to 1901. And as part of this challenge, I’ll try not to just restrict myself to books, but will try reviewing (as best as I can) movies, period adaptations and the like 😛 And well, my authors so chosen are:

January – The Brontë Sisters
February – Thomas Hardy
March – Lewis Carroll
April – Oscar Wilde
May – Wilkie Collins
June – Anthony Trollope
July – Marie Corelli
August – Elizabeth Gaskell
September – George Eliot
October – Charles Dickens
November – Christina & Dante Rossetti
December – Robert & Elizabeth Browning
Image       Image

Image      ImageImage

Image   Image       Image


Well, this is the general author list I do want to get through. And I hope to read through some other books as well. Which are not specifically mentioned on the list.

Needless to say, I have done nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I feel awful about it. Like gut wrenching awful. Because I was looking forward to reading some of my favourite authors. Oh well, nothing wrong. Just going to be a backlog of reading to catch up on and a lot of posting to do.

Well, I better get cracking , shouldn’t I?


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