Rant It All

All I want to do right now is leave everything, just pack my bags and catch the next flight out of the country. I want to travel and be in some place where I know no one. Where I can just walk around aimlessly. Where I have no responsibilities, no obligations. Nothing. Where I can be at peace . Where I can talk to anyone and no one. Does that seem a lot? Does that make me less of a modern person? Breaking away from the monotony of life. Of people. Isn’t it nice to just not be obligated to people for some time.

This is just a phase and it will pass tomorrow. But I hate feeling things so much . I want to cry and rant and rave and just let things wash over me. But I can’t let things wash over me. I can’t help feeling sick to my stomach. I feel empty. I want to punch someone and get this shit over with. I just want a change.

See, I feel better already. Oh , Fuck This Life ! And this moment.


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