The Contemplation Of Loss

I am a solitary bird. Like a keeper of the night, I ponder. I can’t sleep. I can’t wake up. All I can do is dream. All I can do  is fantasize . All I can do is live a lie. It’s not easy being normal. It’s a weird state of  existence. It’s unnatural you may say. It’s strange . It’s antisocial.

But since when is it okay to go against everything you believe in , just for the sake of propriety? Aren’t the days of suppression over? Isn’t liberal thought the thing of the day? Why do nightly ramblings seem so astonishing in the morning? Why is the cloak of reason only worn during the light of day?

Where has spontaneity gone? Where has exuberance vanished to? Carpe Diem – one of the most seized upon phrases – is just a saying nowadays. Do we really seize the day? Do we really do things which fulfill us rather than what society or our family demand?

Am I the only one who feels that life is slipping away every now and then and we all long to do everything and more. And yet, for the sake of our career, for the sake of our family, for the sake of everybody else, we give up fighting. And then, we grow unhappy and fanciful  and long to escape.

I speak as one such suppressed person. Child-like dreams, youthful wishes are slowly being molded into adult-like endeavours. I am becoming one of those “people” who I always never wanted to turn into – The cynical, worldly, so called sophisticated people.



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