Love Letters – II

The Year – 2030

There was dust everywhere . On the shelves, over the boxes, on the floor. The girl walked towards the gilded book on the middle shelf. As she scanned through the delicate pages, a sheaf of papers fell through. Reading the first words, the only thing the girl mumbled , as she sat down to read, was “Mummy“.

15th May,2016

Dearest Nathan,

                 How wonderful it is to have you in my life ! I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with. It makes all the previous years of uncertainty and loneliness seem worth it, in the end. Because the present is Divine. It’s Heaven. Nirvana.

               How I doubted my worth all those years ago. How worried I was at times when I felt no one loved me or cherished me as I did for them. What I didn’t know is that all that while I was Waiting. Waiting For YOU! And how happy I am that did. ( No need to get a swollen head now. ) You’re not as irresistible as you think you are. But whatever and however you are, I shall always love you.I know , at times, I’m a tad irrational (Ok, a Lot) and quite childish, but no one understands me like you do and indulges me and makes everything seem okay.

               These past few years have been wonderful and magical. I love that you listen to me and not just humour me as others always did.I am stoked that in a few days I shall call you ” My Darling Husband” and feel cherished that you seem to be as deep in love with me as I am with you. You’re the one person I am absolutely at ease with and can share everything with. And I know you feel the same way with me.

              I love you, Nathan. You may not be the perfect man. But you’re perfect in my eyes and nothing can ever change that.

Have A Lovely Birthday, Darling!

Your  Besotted


She had found it. She had found the proof . Now, all she had to do was show It to that Wretched Woman….

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