Happy Birthday Pooja!

This surely sucks.

It’s your 25th birthday, and I wish I was hiding in a closet, waiting for the clock to strike 12, and then jumping out and surprising you and wishing you a “Happy Birthday”. There would be hugs. “Awww Kichu” x 100. And tears flowing from both our eyes as my friend turns 25. Happy Birthday Pooja Can you believe it? I’ve always known you as the all knowing older sister who was a role model. Who was always a mother to me (even when she was 8 years to my own 7 years of age). Who laughed like a banshee and found me the funniest thing on earth. (Strangely you still do. ) Who was my constant companion as we played badminton, teased each other with unsuitable men, and who corrupted my innocent mind. (Okay, not really).

When you took Arts, my mum was like “Pooja is so smart and she took Arts. Its okay if you also go for it“. And strangely, you paved the way for me to take Arts. You were always a dedicated student and I was beyong ecstatic when you joined Xavier’s.Those three years were the best years in college. From our Malhar Contingent times, to random meetings at the Steps to that trip in Rajasthan, how could college life be anything but ordinary with you around. 🙂

Your moving to TISS meant not meeting you for ages. And with my MBA starting it was almost as bad. When we did meet for our sleepovers, we spent more time on our gadgets than talking to one another. ( How weird were we? ) And your moving away to Switzerland almost made me tear up. How on earth would I survive without you, and your maniacal laughter?

May this year be fantastic. Splendid. Full of joy, laughter, happiness, chocolate, love and everything nice.

As the clock strikes midnight in Dubai, I want to wish you a Happy 25th Birthday. May the years be kind to you. May life continue to shower you with blessings. And may our friendship always remain. And as you know, I’m only a whatsapp away.

Here’s to spending your birthday.. I may not be there physically, but am in spirit. And these images showcase just a bit of the time spent over the years.

I love you!


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