Who Am I ?!

Incurable Romantic. Chronic Bookaholic. Period Film Junkie. – Phrases that describe me so well. And that’s the truth.

That being said, I’m Crystal,  a 20-so girl from the city of Mumbai.  I would  like to believe I’m a unconventional person. I don’t believe in cliches and neither want to live in one.I am a fun loving person, eager to know more about the world and the people in it. I like learning new things and want to live the life I was meant to live with no fear. I’m a business management graduate with a penchant for English Literature and History… 🙂 An antithetical idea but I can just about balance things out. 🙂

Someone once called me a “rebel“. At that time, it shocked me because I did everything I was told . But he was right, I am one. I keep questioning the “supposed ” way to live my life and I’m happy I do that. I want no riches or fame. I want a mediocre life. A mediocre life with someone I love.

I adore reading and would love to just while time away reading and sipping on coffee. Give me a book at any time and you’re my favourite person ever. *HINT HINT* I love watching a lot of movies (period and contemporary) and have a yen to travel. I love old fashioned hobbies – Letter writing, knitting, stamp collecting, cooking. I’ve always wanted to spout poetry at the correct moment, or name ever flower, bird or tree I see. Or just be the best person I can.

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and with people I’ve never met.

I love romances and love. Maybe the idea of love, even. And I know (as stupid as it sounds) my soulmate or imperfect partner is waiting out there. Hello you..

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