The Nidhi Kapoor Story : A Review

I am usually very picky with the genres I read. And with the need to escape into a book these days, I prefer to read romances and light hearted comedy and mythological adaptations. Frankly, The Nidhi Kapoor Story fits neither of the above, but I’m glad I did read it.

Nidhi Kapoor is the Bollywood Star of the generation. She inherits her legacy from her father, Nishant Kapoor and has been consistently making her mark on Bollywood. However, just when everything seems perfect, strange things begin to happen which effect Nidhi and all around her.

ACP Prakash and Rutuja, a photo journalist are out to solve the case in time and in the process get to understand each other better than ever.

What I initially thought would be a cookie cutter story, I am happy I was stumped with the way the plot progressed. Each time I thought I was right, I was proven wrong. The book does not shy away from violence, and the killings and interactions are a brutal read, but they pull you in. There is a sense of realism mixed in with the story, and yet an almost dreamlike appearance to the book which I fear describes Mumbai and its people. 

Not everyone is who they seem, and somehow after a point, you just marvel at how much one doesnt really know about people. The story does tick all the elements though : suspense, romance,murder, mystery and the big reveal. But I like that it wasnt unnecessarily dragged out and the story remained crisp till the end.

The story, honestly, played out like a movie for me. I could actually picture Deepika Padukone as Nidhi , Ranveer Singh as Prakash and Alia Bhatt as Rutuja . 

As one reads the book, its the tiny details which you grow to love. For example, I loved the tiny snippets describing Mumbai life , food and places scattered throughout the book.  I love how the book was divided according to the 5 vices and the story took shape and reflected all of them. I am truly a sucker to these kind of metaphorical content and makes me appreciate the story more.  I love growing to understand the little things that added a level of depth to each character. Prakash’s strong need to pursue things till the end, or Nidhi’s unusual childhood. Its truly fits the adage, that its circumstances that makes one who they are. 

The end and the reveal was something that came across after a character died; however, even after it is revealed who it is, my mind instantly travels back to all the crimes,and makes you wonder how the hell could I have missed it. 

Though Saurabh Garg may be a first time writer, he does have a knack to reel the reader in and then, hook  him/her. The language is crisp, simple yet leaves an impact. The characters are impossibly real and stark and leaves one with a hate-love relationship towards them. 

If you’re looking for an engaging, thrilling read which helps you escape tedious life and a plot that makes sense and leaves you with a thoughtful feeling, The Nidhi Kapoor Story is for you 🙂

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The Victorian Challenge..

Mid 19th Century lit. to dig into!

In case no one has ever ventured to Creative Musings and has read about the highly ambitious Victorian Challenge, here’s a brief about it right here.

It’s part of the challenge as posted by  Laura’s Reviews. So, here is the challenge in piece,

The Victorian era encompasses everything from 1837 to 1901. And as part of this challenge, I’ll try not to just restrict myself to books, but will try reviewing (as best as I can) movies, period adaptations and the like 😛 And well, my authors so chosen are:

January – The Brontë Sisters
February – Thomas Hardy
March – Lewis Carroll
April – Oscar Wilde
May – Wilkie Collins
June – Anthony Trollope
July – Marie Corelli
August – Elizabeth Gaskell
September – George Eliot
October – Charles Dickens
November – Christina & Dante Rossetti
December – Robert & Elizabeth Browning
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Image      ImageImage

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Well, this is the general author list I do want to get through. And I hope to read through some other books as well. Which are not specifically mentioned on the list.

Needless to say, I have done nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I feel awful about it. Like gut wrenching awful. Because I was looking forward to reading some of my favourite authors. Oh well, nothing wrong. Just going to be a backlog of reading to catch up on and a lot of posting to do.

Well, I better get cracking , shouldn’t I?

The Avengers

So, it’s a Demi-God ;  a super-soldier, a living legend who actually lives up to the legend; a man with breathtaking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins; v/s another Demi-God with the most deadly army the world has ever seen. Who wins? I’m betting its the former. And how can it be otherwise.

The movie starts with all the earth being threatened by Loki who wants to rule it so that he can prove himself once again to his dear Papa. So, he steals this blue cube (Tesseract ) and in return opens a portal for an indestructible army to come through. But just as Loki wins, up come the Avengers, who want to spoil his one-man party. Loki tries everything. He gets them to bicker, threatens a huge ego backlash; but as Agent Phil Coulson and a Old German dude said , ” Its just in Loki’s nature to lose” Poor him.

The first half of the movie is just a warm-up and a shade too long. The second half gets better. With a lot of action scenes and good ol’ fighting and awe-inspiring scenes. Loved the way the action unfolded and how every single Avenger came together to save the Earth. And so, the battle ended. The portal was closed. The Gods skipped back to Asgard (Loki the unwilling, helpless criminal. He’ll be back in Thor 2)

My favourite character!!

However, all I could think about was “Who will pay for the damage caused to Manhattan? How come every peril on earth and super hero is from the US? Doesn’t anything happen elsewhere.. Does that girl have a crush on Captain America now that she has seen his face… Pointless, I know..

Alright I have a confession to make. I dig Loki. Yes, I know he wanted to rule the earth and make us kneel to him and is a ruthless, selfish boor. Just like me to like the unsuitable people. Or maybe I just like Tom Hiddleston. That’s the reason!! My mum even went on to say ” Is that your choice in men? Should I be worried?!!”

The Avengers is a big, hero-studded venture by Joss Whedon who doesn’t disappoint but , on the other hand, doesn’t make me weep in joy at the awesomeness of it all. And I wonder why?! Everyone I know loves the Avengers.  Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) was hilarious. The Hulk ( Mark Ruffalo) played it cool (literally).  The Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) performed awe-inspiring stunts. Captain America ( Chris Evans) was charmingly  old-school. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was as magnanimous as ever. So, why am I not screaming at the greatness of it all.

Maybe if I was more of a comic book fan, I would have enjoyed it more. Or if I had watched the recent adaptations of the movies (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the like..)

But, all in all, I would give it 3 Avengers out of 5., (Pick your choice :P)